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LEE DOTs can be installed in most models of:
B&L Bausch & Lomb - (not the “Bal” models);
BSA (limited to fix power unless variable model complies with Note 1, below);
Burris (Limited to 6x HBRII, Fullfield II, Signature Select, and Black Diamond);
Bushnell (not the Legend model);
Leupold (not the LPS or MK-4 or VX-7);
Nikon (limited to traditional eyepiece models - If a European “fast focus” eyepiece, can not do);
Pentax (limited to European “fast focus” eyepiece only);
Redfield (not a variable marked “1" tube” on the turret; not the new
European “fast focus” eyepiece );
Sightron (limited to fixed power unless variable complies with Note 1, below);
Simmons (Not new Master Series, or variables unless variable complies with Note 1, below);
Weaver (Not the US steel tube variable, Fixed power steel tube OK);
Browning (other than the very new Browning Scopes);
East European scopes;
or Spotting scopes.
We do not do pistol scopes other than Leupold and Weaver.

Note 1: This note only applies to the scopes listed above that refer to this note. Some scopes are not made to come apart. To determine if your scope can have a Lee Dot installed, hold your scope with the light behind you and look into the scope eyepiece, but not through it. Your are looking down in the eyepiece about 2 inches to about where the eyepiece screws on to the body of the scope. You should see the reticle with the crosshairs on it. Look to see if there are 2 or 3 Phillips head screws holding the reticle to the body of the scope. If you see the screws, the reticle is removable. If you do not see the screws, but see a small “notch” on opposite sides of the reticle, it is not removable and we do not do that scope. ---  AGAIN, THIS NOTE ABOUT  SCREWS ONLY APPLIES TO SCOPE LISTED ABOVE THAT HAVE THE WORDS TELLING YOU TO"SEE NOTE 1".

Each brand or model scope is the registered trade mark ® of its respective owner.---

After installation, your scope is refilled with nitrogen to prevent fogging. If your scope is broken or has fogged from a leak, do not assume that we will fix it. We do not have the parts.

LEE DOTs cannot be mounted on existing crosshairs or reticles like Accu-trac or 4-Plex. (LEE DOTs can be substituted for the stadia wires in the Accu-trac to serve the same range finding purpose.)  Only black LEE DOTs are made.


Give the size the LEE DOT is to cover at 100 yds, and the power setting if a variable scope. If multiple dots are to be installed, please include a sketch showing how many, the size, and the spacing between DOTs.  Include your name, address, and telephone numbers with your scope.  Please pack your scope to take the abuse of shipping. The round shipping tubes are not the best containers.  They roll off UPS hand trucks and do not have enough room for adequate packing material.   Do not send a wooden crate! Payment by check or money order should be included your order.  If payment is not included, we will return your scope UPS-COD with the COD charge at your expense.  Please allow at least three weeks for work.   Sometimes it takes longer and shipping time does not count.  If you want to know that we received your scope, use a shipping confirmation, please do not call.   Scopes received are stored in the order received and not opened until ready to be worked on to avoid mix-up and additional storage requirements.    

OCTOBER 1, 2013

A single LEE DOT - $85.00  
A second LEE DOT - $20.00
A third LEE DOT - $20.00  
A fourth or more  - $15.00 each additional dot
Additional crosshairs (where possible) - $30.00

Shipping and Insurance:
Single hunting scope - $15.00   Long Target scope  - $20.00
Multiple scopes in same box  - add $7.00 each for the additional insurance.   

Special shipping charged accordingly. Canadian customers need US Funds and additional $10.00 of shipping.